Exploring places through Germany in a camper

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The experience of Eduardo

We talked with Eduardo, a tea specialist and traveling lover, who was on the road with our VW Bulli California Ocean in April 2021. He works for a tea company based in Berlin, and he already travelled to 92 countries so far.

Eduardo moved from Chile to Germany about three years ago, and he still has a lot of places he would like to visit in Germany. Some of the destinations from the list he decided to explore in the camper with his boyfriend Philipp.

Check out @edumolinanfoss to see how Eduardo’s trip through Germany in the camper passed and which is the next destination from the list to visit.

Thank you, Eduardo, for sharing your first camping experience with us!

Eduardo FreewayCamper Interview Romantische Straße
Why did you choose camping?

I have to recognize that even though I have travelled a lot, I do not have much camping experience, so the whole idea seemed pretty new to me and a great adventure. It was a mix of reasons to choose camping, the current situation with hotels and restaurants, the limitations of traveling outside of the country, and the NEED to keep traveling.

Which camper did you choose and why?

For our trip along the romantic road, we got a VW California Ocean. The camper was awesome! I loved it! It felt like home for a few days, everything worked out perfectly. The car itself is pretty cool looking, and my boyfriend said it was pretty easy to drive it. It had all the essentials, the upper bed was super comfy and even though we had some cold days and we had to spend a lot of time inside the car, it was still pretty comfortable for the both of us.

The only downside was that camping places are closed at the moment due to the current Corona situation. So, there were not many facilities, that's why we kept our trip a little short. I bet once the camping places open, it would be even a better experience, though we still enjoyed it a lot.

Eduardo FreewayCamper Interview Romantische Straße
You travel a lot and have already visited some places in the world. What do you love about traveling with a camper?

What I really loved about the experience was the freedom having a camper gives you. You can drive and move around, you can stay pretty much wherever you want. We actually got to hang out differently, we stayed in pretty isolated places, so it was nice to be alone in nature cooking, playing board games or having a glass of wine and chatting. I enjoy discovering new things and with the camper, you do not need to just stay in one place. The route we chose was perfect because it went through a lot of different places during the day and then finally having to look for our place to sleep when we felt like it.

It was a unique way for me to travel and I loved it. I personally love road trips, and this brings it to another level.  

What was your most memorable camping experience?

I personally always brag about how lucky I am when it comes to weather conditions when I travel. Usually, wherever I go, I get the perfect weather to visit the place. This time it was not like that. Exactly the days we were on the road the temperatures drop quite low. But still, I think I am pretty lucky with the weather because when you go to bed and wake up the next morning and look outside and everything is white, covered with snow, it is just like a dream come true! The snow made the whole romantic road so much more romantic, and we actually got to see Schloss Neuschwanstein with a wonderful white background.

Still, my highlight of the trip was at the end of the day when I would just turn my co-pilot sit around, lift the table and have a glass of wine.

FreewayCamper Interview
Do you have some tips for people who are not sure if they should try camping?

Just go and do it! You will not regret it, it is a great experience. Make sure you choose the right partner for the adventure because you will be spending a lot of time together, planning a fun route with different things to see. Pack lightly and practical. To be honest, you will not be wearing half of the clothes you put in your backpack. Keep the order inside the camper, pack everything after you use it. It will save you a lot of stress. Take your time to find the right place to spend the night. There are apps like park4night that can help you. We got the recommendation from the FreewayCamper Team in Stuttgart. If you do not like it, go to another one. Waking up in the perfect spot is just awesome. And relax! You are on vacation, so just chill.  

What is the next destination you would like to visit with a camper?

Since going abroad is still not an option, we will keep traveling locally. As a matter of fact, we just booked our next camper adventure for May. We will be driving along the coast from Lübeck to the Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park, passing by Wismar and Rostock. We decided we wanted to see some water this time and the Baltic Sea seemed like the perfect option. Also, we chose a bigger camper this time. We want to try different ones to see which one suits us best.

Thank you again, and we are looking forward to many more trips with you!

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