Climate-conscious travel

The best thing about travelling with a FreewayCamper camper is not only the absolute feeling of freedom, but also the connection to nature. Our beautiful planet has so many special places to offer that you just have to discover and enjoy. But to keep it that way, it is especially important to protect our planet. With everything we do, we leave an ecological footprint and thus also influence global warming. Our mission now is to keep this impact as small as possible. Here we explain how we do this and what you can contribute:

What FreewayCamper can do for the environment

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When driving, our campers you are driving vehicles which are new or as good as new and therefore equipped according to the highest environmental standards. This means all vehicles meet the CO2 emission standards Euro 6d-TEMP as well as AdBlue. AdBlue is a fluid that is automatically sprayed into a car's exhaust system to reduce the nitrous oxide emissions of diesel engines. Furthermore the majority of the fleet is equipped with solar panels, which offers you a climate-friendly opportunity to source electricity. We are also testing the option to integrate electric campers to our fleet. So far no electric campers are bookable on our platform, but you can read more about the product we are testing here.

What you can do for the environment

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We are taking the first steps from our side to reduce our impact on the environment, but you can also pay attention to various things and thus make your camper trip as sustainable as possible. Here is a small collection of ideas:

  • Choosing a campsite: Eco campsites are becoming more and more popular. With a little research, you can consciously choose campsites that specifically focus on environmentally friendly camping.
  • When free-standing: a good rule of thumb is always to leave the site cleaner than you found it - it can make a difference if you collect some rubbish at each overnight stop and dispose of it properly.
  • Supplies on the road: you can also make sure that your supplies are as plastic-free as possible - refillable bottles or jerry cans and reusable shopping bags and vegetable nets are useful gadgets for any camping holiday.
  • You can find more ideas on our blog: Environmentally friendly travel with the camper